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    Welcome to Ayala Photography! I'm Sal, and to put it simply, I photograph people. I've dabbled in other forms of photography but to me, nothing is more interesting then people and what people do. Weddings are a case in point. The controlled chaos of a hundred or more guests mashed into the same room. Emotions flying, people crying, couples stressing, and kids laughing (or screaming). Throw in an open bar and it's hard to imagine not getting some, at the very least, interesting pictures.

Portrait Photographer

    Portait sessions are another interesting set of circumstances. It's a chance to make some real freakin' art. A chance to show how madly in love two people are, how close a family is, or how beautiful, talented, professional, sensual, eccentric, frightening or (you-pick-the-adjective) someone is. The tricky thing is that that isn't what the camera usually sees when I first point it at someone, sometimes it picks up on everything, but more often than not, all it sees is awkwardness and confusion, and that's where the fun lies. Breaking through all those barriers so that we can hopefully show what we really want to show. Whether it's there or not. That's not to say that every photograph I produce is a work of art, far from it! But it's certainly something to strive for. Even with something as relatively simple as a corporate headshot.


    All right, I'll be honest, I'm not much of a businessman, and I hate even having to talk about money but hey, a guy's gotta make a living, so here it is. My price lists. You can also click on the links above if you like. You'll notice that the prices are fairly low (at least I think so, and if you've seen other photographers' prices, I think you might agree), but that most certainly doesn't reflect a lack in quality, experience or professionalism, what it reflects is my own personal commitment to not charging more then I would be willing to pay myself. And being that I'm a cheap a** from a poor working class family, that means that I'm not going to be charging all that much.

San Diego

    Where am I you ask? I am located in beautiful San Diego County; Fallbrook to be precise, but I work throughout the county and service all of Southern California. Please note however that if you are going to make me drive outside of San Diego County a one-way $.40/mile fee will apply. So just keep that in mind in case you're planning on making me drive all the way out to BFE.

    Finally if you have any questions after browsing through this site or would like to make a reservation, feel free to call me at (760) 216-1593 or better yet, send me an email - sal@sbaphotography.com, I look forward to hearing from you.

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